Due to the impact of COVID-19, all adoption and foster-related visits to Berkeley Animal Center require an appointment.  We are now requesting that all visitors follow CDC guidelines, please practice full social distancing.

We have amazing animals looking for homes, follow the simple process below to meet them!  View our available dogs and cats.  Once you decide on which dogs or cats that you are interested in, please book an appointment.

Let us know if you hare interested in adopting or fostering, and include the pets name.  We ask that if you already own a dog and are interested in adopting or fostering a dog, that you bring your dog for a meet and greet.

Many of our available dogs are in foster homes and may require a couple days notice for the foster parent to bring the dog to the shelter.  We will coordinate with the foster parent to bring the dog to the shelter for you to meet.  There may be times that we call you to reschedule if the foster cannot make it on the date/time you choose.

We apologize if all the slots within your availability are taken, but we will not be able to take walk ins.


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