We understand that pet owners will be in a position where they must find a new home for their pets. As the only animal shelter in Berkeley County we do provide the service of taking in owner surrenders when we have the space to do so.

Owner Surrenders are made by appointment. You will need to bring any and all of your pets medical records with you and fill out a pet profile form. You will be required to pay a surrender fee of $100.00 per animal. Moms with litters are $100.00 plus a per puppy or per kitten fee.

The shelter should be your last resort when it comes to rehoming your pet. Shelters are a very stressful place for pets. Most owned pets show great signs of stress when entering the shelter environment, keeping your pet at home until you can find a new home for him or her is in the best of interest of your pet.

Below are some helpful resources to find your pet a new home. Many have had great success using these websites and tips to rehome.